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Kitchen Nightmares is Coming To Cleveland - Casting Call

  FOX's hit show Kitchen Nightmares staring Chef Gordon Ramsay is coming to Cleveland.  Casting calls are currently being held for a restaurant to take part in the taping of the show.  To be eligible, a restaurant must have been open for… more »

Walnut Wednesdays in Cleveland

  Gourmet food trucks are gaining in popularity, in part to some of the recent competition shows on TV.  Cleveland has a growing food truck scene, with trucks showing up everywhere.  This summer, various trucks have been gathering… more »

Cadillac Culinary Challenge

 We attended the Cadillac Culinary Challenge this past Sunday at Legacy Village.  In spite of the rain, the tent was packed, and we had a great time.  The event was MC'd by Mary Nolan of the Food Network.  Chef Jonathan Waxman was in… more »