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Food Truck Touchdown Chowdown / Browns Watch party on December 9th

It’s no secret; Clevelanders love food, football and beer! That’s why some of the hottest food trucks in town have partnered with Mavis Winkle’s in Independence to create the very first “Touchdown Chowdown.” On December… more »

The Nosh Box at the Global Village Festival in Akron

 The Nosh Box Food Truck The Global Village Festival - Akron, OH The first Global Village Festival of Akron was held at Lock 3 in Akron last weekend.  I admit- I went because of the food.  I'd heard that a few of the food trucks… more »

Walnut Wednesdays in Cleveland

  Gourmet food trucks are gaining in popularity, in part to some of the recent competition shows on TV.  Cleveland has a growing food truck scene, with trucks showing up everywhere.  This summer, various trucks have been gathering… more »