Category: "Restaurants"

Bar Louie - Rock The Tot

 Bar Louie will be holding their 6th annual Tater Tot eating contest on Thursday, September 19th at 8pm. The event will be taking place at all of the Bar Louie locations, including those in the Cleveland area (Legacy Village, Cleveland, and Westlak… more »

Momocho - 1835 Fulton Road, Cleveland (Ohio City)

Off of the main paths of Ohio City is Momocho.  Owned by Chef Eric Williams, this two story no frills, no glitz exterior masks the Mod Mex flavor experience that awaits inside.  Momocho, roughly translates to "helion little… more »

Dave's Cosmic Subs - Macedonia OH and Other Northeast Ohio Locations

Traveling through Macedonia, I spotted Dave's Cosmic Subs.  Started in Chagrin Falls, I hadn't known of Dave's nor realized that it was a chain.  I was drawn to go in because its sign says, "Cosmic". It was a weekday and a… more »

The Lemon Grove Café, Youngstown OH

On a snowy January night, there were about 7 patrons in The Lemon Grove Cafe; a place that looks like it could seat about 40.  It describes itself as "a cafe, coffee shop, bar, art gallery, musical venue and all-around good… more »

Farewell To Goodman's Sandwich Inn

 I, for one, am going to miss Goodman's.  If you never made it there, you missed out on a hell of a good corned beef sandwich.   The owner used to stand in the front window and hand-carve the corned beef and stack it on rye bread.… more »