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Michael Symon's B Spot Hamburgers

28699 Chagrin Boulevard, Woodmere, OH 44122

You might be able to find bigger or cheaper burgers at other places, but the burgers at B Spot are worth every penny based on taste alone.  The fries are great too- probably some of the best that I've ever had- thin and crispy, with a dusting of sea salt and rosemary.  For my burger, I ordered the bacon cheeseburger- two thick slices of bacon with cheddar cheese.  Two thumbs up!  Because I like a lot of variety, I think my two favorite things about B Spot were the pickle bar and the sauces.  There are 6 bottles of sauce on the table, and they all appear to be made on the premises.  They include a BBQ sauce, a steak sauce, and Lola ketchup, and they're all really good- I didn't have enough burger to put each one one.  As for the pickle bar- it's located in the middle of the room, and you just help yourself.  Selections on the pickle bar included dill, pickled green tomatoes, and Tony Packo's sweet pickles.  The atmosphere at B Spot is pretty casual- a sort of upscale sports bar vibe, and they don't take reservations.  All in all it's a good place to visit to get a great burger in a nice atmosphere at a fairly decent price for what you get.

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Corky & Lenny's Restaurant and Deli

27091 Chagrin Boulevard Woodmere Village, Ohio 44122


 When I think of 'Jewish Deli' in the Cleveland area, I think of Corky & Lenny's.  As a matter of fact, since Lou & Hy's closed down years ago, it's the only Jewish Deli that I can think of around here (I've heard good things about Jack's Deli in Cleveland Hts, but I haven't been there yet).  

Every time I visit, I get the same thing- a corned beef sandwich (pictured above) or reuben, and a bowl of matzah ball soup.  The corned beef is always good- not too fatty and not too lean, and the soup is great.  You get a bowl of delicious chicken broth with a giant matzah ball sitting in the middle of it surrounded by some vegetables.  Good stuff.  One other cool thing about Corky & Lenny's- they also serve your meal with a bowl of homemade pickles.  If you're in the Beachwood/Woodmere/Orange area, you have to stop at this place!

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