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Anthony Bourdain Coming To Cleveland

 Anthony Bourdain



Anthony Bourdain is going to be making an appearance in Cleveland on November 4th 2011 at 8pm at The State Theatre.  Tickets to this one-night event are $57.50, $42.50 and $27.50. You can purchase tickets by going to or calling the ticket office at (216) 241-6000

Farewell To Goodman's Sandwich Inn

 I, for one, am going to miss Goodman's.  If you never made it there, you missed out on a hell of a good corned beef sandwich.  

Goodman's Sandwich Inn

The owner used to stand in the front window and hand-carve the corned beef and stack it on rye bread.  According to this article from Scene Magazine, the restaurant was around for 62 years.  It wasn't the nicest atmosphere...but I was there for the giant briskets that I would see boiling in the kitchen when I walked through to the restroom.  I don't have much else to write- I had a few pictures that I'd never posted, and I thought I'd just lament the passing of a Cleveland corned beef landmark.  

Goodmans Sandwich Inn

Walnut Wednesdays in Cleveland

 Walnut Wednesdays

Gourmet food trucks are gaining in popularity, in part to some of the recent competition shows on TV.  Cleveland has a growing food truck scene, with trucks showing up everywhere.  This summer, various trucks have been gathering Wednesdays downtown on Walnut Ave at E. 9th Street.  It's a great opportunity to be able to check the offerings of a number of trucks without having to drive all around town.  The Downtown Cleveland Alliance web site has information on which trucks may be showing as well dates and times.  Make sure you check their site, Facebook page, or Twitter since they have had to move the location due to the filming of the Avengers movie.

Asian Chicken Sandwich - Motor Mouth

Due to my schedule, I wasn't able to make it up there until last week.  As I mentioned earlier, they'd had to move the location because of the movie, so the trucks were parked on Rockwell Ave at E. 12th Street.  I arrived near the end (1pm), and there was still a pretty good crowd.  There was live music, and probably 6 or 7 trucks.  Some of the items were sold out (I wish I'd been able to get there sooner), but there was still a good selection.  I ordered an Asian Chicken Sandwich (above) from the Motor Mouth Food Truck which consisted of soy and ginger braised chicken with a spicy red cabbage slaw.  The chicken was moist and tasty, the slaw was crunchy, the bread was fresh, and it had just enough sauce on it that had a hint of sesame oil.  

Chicken Panini - Nosh Box

My companion had a grilled chicken panini from the The Nosh Box food truck (which was also at the Hamburger Festival- see other posts).  She really enjoyed it- moist and tender pieces of dark chicken meat grilled with cheddar cheese and bacon on a cibatta roll.  

The sandwiches that we tried cost around $7-$8.  Most of the items being sold seemed to be in this price range- well worth the price, especially considering the uniqueness and quality of the food.  The food trucks will continue to gather downtown on Wednesdays through September 7th.  Check with the Downtown Alliance for more information.  And if you find a truck that you like, check their Facebook pages and Twitter posts to see where they'll be throughout the week. 

Cadillac Culinary Challenge

Mary Nolan

 We attended the Cadillac Culinary Challenge this past Sunday at Legacy Village.  In spite of the rain, the tent was packed, and we had a great time.  The event was MC'd by Mary Nolan of the Food Network.  Chef Jonathan Waxman was in town from New York to participate in the event, and the local Chef was Marlin Kaplan, owner of Dragonfly in Ohio City.  

Chef Waxman

The Chefs were required to create a dish using one key ingredient, which was corn.  The cool thing was that both Chefs not only cooked their dishes, but also described what they were doing and gave some tips on how to do it.  Chef Waxman explained that the easy way to get the corn kernels off of the cob is to steam the corn in the husks in the oven.  Then, cut the corn off of the cob catching it in a wet kitchen towel in order to make it easy to pour into the cooking pot.

Chef Kaplan

Chef Kaplan created a Vanilla Butter Poached Lobster And Corn Stuffed Bao.  The bao were steamed in bamboo steamers and were lighter than I expected.  The corn and lobster filling was sweet and had a light taste of orange with a little kick from cilantro.  The sauce that was swirled on the plate had a bit of kick to it.  My companion thought it was a bit too spicy for her, but I thought it was great.


Chef Waxman created Organic Spaghetti With Blue Crab Meat, Grilled Corn, Chiles, Tomatoes and Sweet Onions.  The corn added a sweetness to the dish, and the heirloom tomatoes gave it a fresh, light taste.  Overall, it was excellent and much lighter tasting that I would expect from a pasta dish made with olive oil.  There was also a hint of spice, provided by jalapenos.  

Waxman pasta

I really liked both dishes, but I'm a sucker for something different and I also like to pull for the local guy, so I voted for Chef Kaplan's bao.  My fellow judges didn't all agree, so it was a split decision for both, ending in a tie.  I couldn't complain- both Chefs were equally talented and entertaining, and the food was excellent.

Cadillac Culinary Challenge - This Weekend!

 Legacy Village, August 13 & 14, 2011

Cadillac Challenge

The Cadillac Culinary Challenge is being held this weekend at Legacy Village.  Come by and watch the competition between Chef Jonathan Waxman of Barbuto and local Chef Marlin Kaplan of Dragonfly as they cook against each other to see who can come up with the best creation after being given a set of ingredients.  I've been asked to participate as one of the judges at one of the event times.  

The event is free, and you can register at the website listed above- just choose 'Cleveland' from the event list.  If you'd like to learn more, check out their Facebook page at

Marlin Kaplan is the local Chef that is taking part in the competition- you can watch a video profile of him at and watch him cook up a great looking pork dish at

Hope to see you at Legacy Village this weekend!