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2015 National Hamburger Festival in Akron, Ohio - 10th Anniversary

2015 National Hamburger Festival in Akron, Ohio - 10th Anniversary

National Hamburger Festival founder Drew Cezra announced this week that former competitive eater Dave "Coondog" O'Karma will serve as the honorary chairman for this year's festival, taking place in downtown Akron on August 8th and 9th. The announcement was made at a news conference held at the Akron Rubber Ducks stadium, and also celebrated the 10th year of the annual festival. Akron Mayor Jeff Fusco attended the conference, as did several restaurants who participate in the festival.

2015 National Hamburger Festival in Akron, Ohio - 10th Anniversary

One of the best-known local hamburger restaurants, Menches Brothers, brought a 10 pound burger in honor of the event. I had a chance to try a piece of the burger, and you'd think that being as big as it was, it would just taste like plain old ground beef. I have to hand it to them- even that big chunk of burger had the same great taste that I expect from Menches Brothers.

In addition to all of the regular live events, a new craft beer tasting and indie rock showcase is being held on Sunday the 9th. Thirsty Dog Brewing, Buckeye Brewing, and several other local and national brewers will have their beers on draft. Try their beers while you listen to the bands and the kids play on the free inflatables.

2015 National Hamburger Festival in Akron, Ohio - 10th Anniversary

Max & Erma's

2015 National Hamburger Festival in Akron, Ohio - 10th Anniversary


2015 National Hamburger Festival in Akron, Ohio - 10th Anniversary

Retro Dog

2015 National Hamburger Festival in Akron, Ohio - 10th Anniversary

Smoke, The Burger Joint

The festival is being held at Lock 3 Park (200 South Main Street, Akron, Ohio) on Saturday August 8, 2015 (12-11pm) and Sunday August 9, 2015 (12-7pm).

Admission is $5, and children under 8 are free.

For more information and full schedule, visit

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National Hamburger Festival - Akron, Ohio

Downtown Akron, Lock 3

August 9-10, 2014

National Hamburger Festival

The National Hamburger Festival is being held this year on August 9th and 10th of 2014 in downtown Akron.  Some of the best burger joints around will be setting up shop on Main Street so that you can decide for yourself who makes the best burger.  Entertainment and special events will take place in Lock 3 Park throughout the weekend including the Ohio Burger Eating Championship, a burger cook-off, bobbing for burgers, and the Miss Hamburger Pageant.  Visit the Hamburger Festival site for a schedule of events.  

The National Hamburger Festival - Akron

Downtown Akron, Lock 3

August 17-18, 2013

National Hamburger Festival

The National Hamburger Festival is being held at Lock 3 in downtown Akron on August 18th and 18th of 2013.

The Hamburger Festival is back for another year in Akron!  Come down and try a few burgers- ranging from the traditional to the unique.  In the past there have been deep-fried burgers, greek burgers, breakfast burger, and other variations you might not have ever dreamed of.  For the past several years, I've been a judge in the best burger competition, and I've been asked back again this year.  It's a chore tasting so many burgers, but I'll power through it and let you know how it goes.  Check back after the festival for the competition results, and in the meantime, hope to see you there!



The Nosh Box at the Global Village Festival in Akron

 The Nosh Box Food Truck

The Global Village Festival - Akron, OH

Global Village Festival - Akron, Oh

The first Global Village Festival of Akron was held at Lock 3 in Akron last weekend.  I admit- I went because of the food.  I'd heard that a few of the food trucks from Cleveland were going to be there, so I stopped by.  I'm glad to say, there was plenty of food- Wafa's Lebanese Eatery, The Pierogo Lady, Zyedeco Bistro Truck, Streat Mobile Bistro Truck, The Nosh Box Truck, and booths selling food from different international clubs.  

The Nosh Box - Chicken Tacos

 Chicken Tacos

The Nosh Box was offering tacos, burgers, and tater tots.  I ordered two chicken tacos and the tater tots.  The pulled chicken in the tacos was moist, flavorful, and nicely seasoned.  It was served on soft flour tortillas and topped with black beans, corn, green and red cabbage, tomatoes, cilantro, shredded cheese, and sour cream.  The tater tots were crispy and seasoned with rosemary and sea salt, and were awesome! 

The Nosh Box - Tater Tots With Rosemary and Sea Salt

Tater Tots with Sea Salt and Rosemary

When I went back up to the truck to get some more napkins, I saw a sign that said you could mix and match the tacos.  I was bummed that I hadn’t noticed the sign before- I had really wanted to try the pork taco!  I mentioned this to the couple that owns the truck (I feel bad that I didn’t get their names- I was too busy eating!).  I wasn’t complaining- it was my fault that I hadn’t seen it.  But, I was just lamenting that I had wanted to try the pork.  The husband offered to give me a pork taco.  I told him it was okay, but they insisted, and gave me one free of charge!  The pork was terrific- I was really glad I got to try it!  The owners were really friendly and said they often give food away to people, including the homeless that they come across in Cleveland.

The Nosh Box-Pork Tacos

Pork Taco

The owners told me that that they will be at most Walnut Wednesdays in Cleveland, and will be up at Cleveland Public Square over the next few weeks on Tuesday and Friday.  Stop by, say hello, and check out some of their amazing food!ross in Cleveland.ry and sea salt, and were awesome! 

 The Nosh Box

2012 National Hamburger Festival - Results

Hamburger Festival Judges

The 7th annual Hamburger Festival was held in Akron, Ohio last week.  Many people attended and had a great time trying out burgers from many restaurants including Hodge Podge Food Truck, Max & Ermas, MotorMouth Food Truck, White Castle, The Steel Trolley Diner, Menches Bros., The Barley House, and many more !  There was live music, an eating competition, bobbing for burgers, and a competition in several categories between the restaurants.  I was asked to judge again for a second year, and I happily agreed. Elaine Cicora from Scene Magazine and a group of guys from the Mahoning Valley Burger Review Board were my fellow judges.

 We each sampled 25-30 burgers that had been entered in three different categories.  All were good, and some were great.  My favorites included a reuben burger (MotorMouth) and a bruchetta burger.  

Reuben Burger - Motor Mouth

                 Reuben Burger From Motor Mouth Food Truck

 Here are the top three in each burger category:

Most Creative

1st Place - MotorMouth Food Truck

2nd Place - Bob's Hamburg

Max & Erma's

National Hamburger Festival

Traditional Burger

1st Place - Eat 'n Park

2nd Place - Primo's

3rd Place - Menches Bros.

National Hamburger Festival

Creative Topping/Special Sauce

1st Place - Max & Erma's

2nd Place - Eat 'n Park

3rd Place - Steel Trolley Diner

 National Hamburger Festival


1st Place - Barley House

2nd Place - Menches Bros.

3rd Place - MotorMouth Food Truck