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Mr. Zub's Deli at the Matinee

  812 W. Market St.
Akron, OH 44303
(330) 252-0272
Mr. Zub's Deli
Mr.  Zub’s is located in the Highland Square area of Akron.  If you're not familiar with the area,  it's an eclectic neighborhood somewhat similar to Coventry (Cleaveland Hts... Not the area south of Akron), but much smaller.  The decor at Mr. Zubs is nothing special,  but the sure sandwiches are. They're located near the Highland Theater,  all of the sandwich names are inspired by movie characters (and the Zubs logo is a stick of movie popcorn butter).   There's a wide variety to choose from- chicken, turkey,  deli meats,  and vegetarian.  

The Sam Rothstein68543935" style="font-family: 'Times New Roman'; font-size: medium; font-weight: normal; ">I chose the Sam Rothstein-corned beef, pastrami, capicola, and provolone  on rye with brown mustard.  The meat was lean but still had enough fat to give it some flavor, and the capicola and mustard added a nice spice.
The Ren McCormack
My girlfriend chose the Ren McCormack- chicken shawarma on pita with garlic mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion and a pickle. The chicken shawarma was moist and nicely spiced, and it made for a nice sandwich.  The only complaint was that the garlic mayo was too strong.  It could have easily been cut in half with more mayo, or half as much could have been used. We love garlic, and except for being too strong, the mayo was good.  
As for sides,  they serve french fries, onion rings, cole slaw, chips...and tator tots!   I love a good tot, and a fairly large basket of them arrived hot and crispy. (The Uncle Rico comes on a bagel with roast beef, tator tots, and onion and chive cream cheese)
I've been to Mr.  Zubs several times,  and I have yet to be disappointed.  From the gyro to the deli sandwiches,  everything has been good. Their menu of diverse and imaginative sandwiches is sure to have something for everyone.  And if you're out on the town,  its also a good place to satisfy your late night munchies.  They're open until 3am every night (2 on Sundays),  and the crowd gets more unique as the hours go on.

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Dave's Cosmic Subs - Macedonia OH and Other Northeast Ohio Locations

Traveling through Macedonia, I spotted Dave's Cosmic Subs.  Started in Chagrin Falls, I hadn't known of Dave's nor realized that it was a chain.  I was drawn to go in because its sign says, "Cosmic".

It was a weekday and a little after 1 PM and I was the only patron.  As I walked in, a sign posted in the window told of it being voted the #1 sub by Scene Magazine.  I was promptly greeted by the only other person in the shop.  He asked if it was my first time to Dave's.  I told him that it was and I asked what made Dave's subs "Cosmic".  He firmly replied that it was the Italian sauce.  I then asked which sub was the one to get.  He asked whether I wanted a hot or cold sub.  Cold.  Regular or spicy?  Spicy.  He then told me about "The Crazy Dave".  That sounded like exactly what I wanted.

While the sub was being prepared, I further studied the menu board.  I saw "The Crazy Dave" was number 8 on this board and later learned that this was the sub that was voted number 1.  Why, then, don't they call it number 1?

The meal deal allowed me to select from a choice of chips and a large selection of plastic and glass bottled beverages.  I selected Dave's private labeled rootbeer and a bag of jalapeno chips.  Within a few minutes, my sub was ready.

It was no struggle to find a seat as I was still the only patron.  I found one that was somewhat centered in the dining area so I could gaze upon the 1960's rock n roll stuff that adorned the walls.  I then unwrapped the carefully crafted sub, opened the chips and took a swig of the rootbeer.

I always like to start with the right hand piece with the crown of the sub roll facing away from me and turned so I can bite into the cut side.  I opened up and bit into the most incredible sub roll I think I've ever had.  The crust was wafer thin, yet so crunchy that I thought the sound of it crunching would shatter glass.

Very powerful, lively flavors of the "Cosmic" sauce, peppers, meat and vegetables jumped across my tongue.  That bite was sufficient for me to validate its number 1 standing.  Now I really don't understand why it's not listed number 1 on the menu board.

For the purpose of this critique, with that bite alone I was done.  But, I had to eat the rest since I was hungry and the sub was fantastic.  I don't think I could tire of "The Crazy Dave".  And, it was so good that I don't think I can pry myself away from it to try any other sub on that menu.  If you have not had a sub from Dave's Cosmic Subs, get one and EAT UP!

The Rail - Fairlawn OH

On a recent trip to Summit Mall, I spotted “The Rail”.  I had time to peek at the menu and saw that it was a hamburger joint featuring Ohio Raised Beef.  I flagged this as a place to try on my next trip to the mall.

When I arrived on an early Saturday afternoon, I faced a 15 minute wait.  I had time to soak up details of the décor.  The Rail presents itself as a bit of a sports bar with two small televisions on the back bar and two larger ones opposite those above a wall of booths.  The bar was framed across the top by a metal rail hung from the ceiling and a number of meat hooks strategically placed along it for decoration.  Once seated, I really couldn’t see any of the televisions.  That’s ok.  I wasn’t concerned about Marquette and Villanova.


The day’s special was a Turkey Burger that I wanted not.  I asked of my server which hamburgers were most popular.  She replied with the Local Yokel and The Tourist.  The Local Yokel is topped with a fried organic egg.  Since I wasn’t into that today, I opted to try The Tourist.   It’s about a half-pounder topped with avocado, spinach, red pepper mayonnaise and red onion.  I also ordered a side of onion rings and a chocolate milkshake.


The meal was served in a paper lined basket.  The burger arrived ready to be eaten; fully dressed and wearing its crown.  The onion rings were piled in and a dill pickle spear rounded out the presentation.  The shake was served in a cold glass tumbler with a straw as big as a sewer pipe.  It was finished with about ½ inch of whipped cream, drizzled with chocolate syrup and topped with a cherry.


The bun was fresh and soft.  It crushed a bit under my hand when I pulled the burger up from the basket.  Ordered medium rare, the thick, hand shaped burger had a sufficient amount of pink that was juicy.  The first bite captured everything that the burger had to offer.  The beef was mild as was the avocado, red pepper mayo, spinach and red onion.  The little bit of red onion casually added flavor.  To kick it up, I added a smear of the red onion jam.  This woke the burger with a pleasing bit of tang.  With or without the jam, you won’t get indigestion with this one.


The milkshake was smooth and creamy.  It sported a good chocolate flavor.  The sewer pipe straw insured that I got a good mouthful with every draw.  I thought the onion rings were average.  They were plentiful and arrived hot and crispy.  Next time, I think I’ll try the house made chips.


I usually order burgers that jump with flavor.  But in this instance, I wanted to see what so many have found attractive to make The Tourist one of the top picks.  I enjoyed it for the quality it represents and the pleasing, albeit mild taste.  When I’m in again, I’ll have to go back to my love of bold flavors and order the “Bon Fire”.  If The Tourist is representative of the taste and quality of the other burgers, I know I won't be disappointed.  Eat up!

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Flip Side - Hudson OH

Flip Side is an eatery located in the “First and Main” shopping district in Hudson. This establishment boasts the use of Ohio raised, premium grass fed beef. The menu is heavily burger weighted. And there’s nothing wrong with that. During my visit, the atmosphere was comfortable and conducive to visiting with my companion diners, even as ‘80’s music filled the background.

It was straight up 3:00 PM on an early December Sunday afternoon. We were pleasantly greeted and quickly seated. Our drink orders were taken shortly thereafter. The variety of “specialty” milkshakes on the menu included concoctions with names such as “Apple Pie Shake” (with chunks of apple pie), “Brownie Shake” (with chunks of brownie) and “Chef’s Shake” (no, not with chunks of chef, but with peanut butter, pretzels and dark rum). Since these sounded more like sundaes than milkshakes, I opted for the basic chocolate. After ordering, the service slowed as the eatery was getting slammed with hungry holiday shoppers.

With an apology for the delay, our beverages were delivered. My milkshake was served in a cold, tall traditional soda fountain styled glass with a straw planted in it. It was filled with what looked like thick, rich custard that was strong enough to keep its peaks and ridges intact and the straw standing firmly in place. I used the long handled teaspoon that accompanied it to get my initial taste. Its appearance was deceiving as, unfortunately, I thought the chocolate flavor to be weak.

I ordered the “Chili Pepper” burger. This is about a 6 or 7 oz. burger that features pickled jalapenos, pepper jack cheese and crispy chili onion rings accompanied by smoked chili ketchup. I ordered it medium as that is what the server guided the rest of the table to for their burgers. I also ordered the house made potato chips served with hot sauce and yogurt blue cheese dressing.

Everything about this burger was fresh. This beauty was presented open faced. Its toasted crown was set off to the side to expose ketchup that was drizzled over one big, crisp onion ring. Below that sat a pepper jack cheese covered burger. The pickled jalapenos were hidden between the ring and burger.  All of this sat upon the toasted heel.  Also on the plate was a fresh leaf of lettuce topped with thinly sliced red onion, pickle and tomato. The chili ketchup was served on the side.

I assembled the burger with the vegetable accompaniments and smeared a portion of the chili ketchup on the crown. The burger was cooked perfectly to medium that was moist. The burger had a good texture that was enhanced by the crunch of the onion ring. A pleasant medley of pepper flavors came forth. The pickled jalapenos were readily identifiable. The chili ketchup tasted very much like chipotle pepper; possessing that somewhat spicy, woody taste that smoked jalapenos are known for. The peppers on this burger will warm the sides and back of your tongue but won't blister you. Being a hot pepper fanatic, my disclaimer about the heat is that you'll ultimately have to gauge the flavor and heat yourself.

The house chips were fresh cut and fried. Presented on a diner plate, the yogurt blue cheese sauce was drizzled upon them. It was accompanied by a side of hot sauce. The chips were crisp. The yogurt blue cheese drizzle was a hit and miss upon the chips. When I think of blue cheese sauces and dressings, I think of flavor that stands up and shouts out for recognition. Surprisingly, the blue cheese flavor was almost imperceptible. The hot sauce, on the other hand, had a bright and somewhat tangy flavor with nice heat. Other sides on the table included the “Triple Cooked “ fries and Sweet Potato fries with horseradish mustard sauce.

Was Flip Side worth the trip? The short answer is yes. For just under $16.00, you’ll get a good burger, a plate of crisp chips and a basic shake in a clean, comfortable and unrushed atmosphere. Instead of the chips, however, I recommend you try the sweet potato fries. The accompanying horseradish mustard sauce is a terrific compliment to the sweet potato’s sweetness. And next time, instead of a shake, I’ll opt for a beer.  Eat up!

Thank you, Rich, for allowing me to blog with you.

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Akron- Lock 3 Farmers Market, Diamond Deli, Urban Eats

Lock 3 Farmer's Market

Friday during the summer; 11am to 1:30 pm

Downtown Akron on Main Street 

Lock 3 Akron- Farmer Market
After seeing a post about a Farmer's Market at Lock 3 on the @downtownakron Twitter feed, I thought I'd check it out.  The market is being held on Fridays from 11am until 1:30 every Friday during the summer.  When I visited, I was pleased to see a pretty decent turnout- there was live music and probably 20 or so booths.  The majority offered a nice array of fruits and vegetables.  There was also someone selling gourmet garlic, a baker selling croissants, and an individual selling hummus tabbouleh, and quinoa salad.
I had hoped to find something for lunch, but didn't really see anything other thna the hummos and salad to eat right then.  I can't fault the organizers of the market for this- I wouldn't necessarily expect to find prepared foods at a farmer's market, but I thought I'd give it a shot.  In any case, there are plenty of great places to grab lunch in downtown Akron.  

Diamond Deli

The Diamond Deli

378 South Main St., Akron, OH

(330) 762-5877

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Diamond Deli Akron

So, I took this as an opportunity to hit the Diamond Deli.  I like a good sandwich, and the Diamond Deli is the place to get one- it's one of my first picks for lunch when I'm in Akron; right up there with Luigi's Pizza.  If you want corned beef, this is the place to go when you're in Akron.

 Diamond Deli, Akron

I ordered the Chad's "Wait ?Till You Hear This Story!"- it's hot corned beef, pastrami, swiss cheese, and hot mustard on rye bread.  I opted to not have the sandwich grilled; the corned beef had enough fat to add flavor, but not so much that I would call it fatty, and the pastrami had a good, peppery flavor.  All in all, a really good sandwich.  As a matter of fact, it's so good that I've gotten the same thing every time I've visited- I have to try something else the next time.

style="font-family: Arial; ">I wanted to get some coffee, so I thought I'd make a stop at Mocha Maiden.  I'd seen their sign on a building off of Market Street for a couple of years now, but I hadn't ever bothered to stop in.  I was a little confused at first- I pulled down Maiden Ln which off of Market Street and pulled into one of the parking places in front a couple of shops were there were some tables and chairs.  One of the shops looked like a clothing shop; the other was a place called Urban Eats.  It didn't sound like a coffee place, but I thought that it might be the best place to start.  When I asked about Mocha Maiden, the woman behind the counter said that they had changed the place over to Urban Eats a few months ago.  However, they still served coffee and espresso drinks. 

Urban Eats

 17 Maiden Ln., Akron, OH

(330) 310-7135

Urban Eats on Urbanspoon

Urban Eats Akron

The atmosphere was bright and had an eclectic look, and the food offerings that I saw listed on the wall sounded tempting.  Not that I hadn't enjoyed my sandwich from Diamond Deli, but I wished I hadn't already eaten.  I ended up ordering a latte (which was very good) and drank it outside at one of the umbrella tables.  Even though I was sitting on a deck in an ally facing a parking lot, they've made good use of the space and there was a nice atmosphere.  I plan on stopping back soon to try the food!

 Urban Eats Akron