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Anthony Bourdain Coming To Cleveland

 Anthony Bourdain



Anthony Bourdain is going to be making an appearance in Cleveland on November 4th 2011 at 8pm at The State Theatre.  Tickets to this one-night event are $57.50, $42.50 and $27.50. You can purchase tickets by going to or calling the ticket office at (216) 241-6000

Farewell To Goodman's Sandwich Inn

 I, for one, am going to miss Goodman's.  If you never made it there, you missed out on a hell of a good corned beef sandwich.  

Goodman's Sandwich Inn

The owner used to stand in the front window and hand-carve the corned beef and stack it on rye bread.  According to this article from Scene Magazine, the restaurant was around for 62 years.  It wasn't the nicest atmosphere...but I was there for the giant briskets that I would see boiling in the kitchen when I walked through to the restroom.  I don't have much else to write- I had a few pictures that I'd never posted, and I thought I'd just lament the passing of a Cleveland corned beef landmark.  

Goodmans Sandwich Inn

National Hamburger Festival - Akron, OH

Downtown Akron, Lock 3

August 20-21, 2011

National Hamburger Festival

The National Hamburger Festival is being held at Lock 3 in downtown Akron on August 20th and 21st of 2011.  The organizers of the event were kind enough to send me some free tickets, and I have some extras.  I'll send a set of two tickets to the first two people to contact me.  This is not a contest or sweepstakes- I would just like to get the extras to someone who might use them.  I just ask that you only take one set, and email me no later than the 17th in order to give me time to get them in the mail to you.   


Akron- Lock 3 Farmers Market, Diamond Deli, Urban Eats

Lock 3 Farmer's Market

Friday during the summer; 11am to 1:30 pm

Downtown Akron on Main Street 

Lock 3 Akron- Farmer Market
After seeing a post about a Farmer's Market at Lock 3 on the @downtownakron Twitter feed, I thought I'd check it out.  The market is being held on Fridays from 11am until 1:30 every Friday during the summer.  When I visited, I was pleased to see a pretty decent turnout- there was live music and probably 20 or so booths.  The majority offered a nice array of fruits and vegetables.  There was also someone selling gourmet garlic, a baker selling croissants, and an individual selling hummus tabbouleh, and quinoa salad.
I had hoped to find something for lunch, but didn't really see anything other thna the hummos and salad to eat right then.  I can't fault the organizers of the market for this- I wouldn't necessarily expect to find prepared foods at a farmer's market, but I thought I'd give it a shot.  In any case, there are plenty of great places to grab lunch in downtown Akron.  

Diamond Deli

The Diamond Deli

378 South Main St., Akron, OH

(330) 762-5877

Diamond Deli on Urbanspoon

Diamond Deli Akron

So, I took this as an opportunity to hit the Diamond Deli.  I like a good sandwich, and the Diamond Deli is the place to get one- it's one of my first picks for lunch when I'm in Akron; right up there with Luigi's Pizza.  If you want corned beef, this is the place to go when you're in Akron.

 Diamond Deli, Akron

I ordered the Chad's "Wait ?Till You Hear This Story!"- it's hot corned beef, pastrami, swiss cheese, and hot mustard on rye bread.  I opted to not have the sandwich grilled; the corned beef had enough fat to add flavor, but not so much that I would call it fatty, and the pastrami had a good, peppery flavor.  All in all, a really good sandwich.  As a matter of fact, it's so good that I've gotten the same thing every time I've visited- I have to try something else the next time.

style="font-family: Arial; ">I wanted to get some coffee, so I thought I'd make a stop at Mocha Maiden.  I'd seen their sign on a building off of Market Street for a couple of years now, but I hadn't ever bothered to stop in.  I was a little confused at first- I pulled down Maiden Ln which off of Market Street and pulled into one of the parking places in front a couple of shops were there were some tables and chairs.  One of the shops looked like a clothing shop; the other was a place called Urban Eats.  It didn't sound like a coffee place, but I thought that it might be the best place to start.  When I asked about Mocha Maiden, the woman behind the counter said that they had changed the place over to Urban Eats a few months ago.  However, they still served coffee and espresso drinks. 

Urban Eats

 17 Maiden Ln., Akron, OH

(330) 310-7135

Urban Eats on Urbanspoon

Urban Eats Akron

The atmosphere was bright and had an eclectic look, and the food offerings that I saw listed on the wall sounded tempting.  Not that I hadn't enjoyed my sandwich from Diamond Deli, but I wished I hadn't already eaten.  I ended up ordering a latte (which was very good) and drank it outside at one of the umbrella tables.  Even though I was sitting on a deck in an ally facing a parking lot, they've made good use of the space and there was a nice atmosphere.  I plan on stopping back soon to try the food!

 Urban Eats Akron

Fat Casual BBQ - Macedonia

 223 E. Highland Rd.

Macedonia, OH 44056

(330) 748-4690

Don't let the appearance of Fat Casual BBQ fool you from the outside- sure, it's not a fancy building, but great BBQ is waiting inside.  As far as the decor on the inside, it really isn't too bad.  Not fancy at all, but clean and 'cute' looking with checkered tablecloths.  But, I wasn't there for the atmosphere- I was there for some smoked meats.  

 Fat Casual BBQ

I was there during lunch time, so I ordered the sampler platter.  It consisted of smoked pork, brisket, turkey, sausage, 2 small sides, and two slices of bread.  For my sides I got baked beans and macaroni & cheese.  The baked beans were very good.  The mac & cheese was a little dry, but they poured some extra cheese sauce on it, so it wasn't bad. 

The meats were all served with some of the house BBQ sauce on them.  If you wanted more sauce, squeeze bottles of 5 or 6 other types of sauce were available.  If I remember right, there was honey, Memphis, Texas, Carolina, and cajun.  I hope I remembered them all-I was too covered in sauce to write anything down.   I'm not a fan of sweet sauce, so I didn't try that one.  All of the rest were really good- the Carolina style was a vinegar based sauce just like what I've had in South Carolina.  Cajun was good and had a little kick.  I think my two favorites were the Memphis and Texas sauces.

Fat Casual Sampler Platter

I expected the pork to be shredded like I've had at other places, but this pork was chopped.  Not that I'm complaining- it was great.  It was moist with a good amount of smokiness to it.  Same thing with the brisket-  it could have been a little leaner, but the meat was moist, tender and very good.  I've been to different BBQ places here in Ohio as well as other states, but I've never been to one that served sausage and turkey.  I've seen it on the Food Network, but not around here.  As for the turkey, it was good- a little smokey and moist. It was good with the Texas BBQ sauce.  My favorite out of everything was the sausage.  It was spicy, but not too much so, and it was nicely smoked.  

Overall, I really enjoyed Fat Casual BBQ.  The prices were reasonable, the food was great, and so were the taste and variety of sauces.  I'm looking forward to returning to try the ribs and corned beef.


Fat Casual BBQ on Urbanspoon